Data Types in C# What are the types of data types in C# ?

a) Integer data types

  c# types        IL Types                              Capacity/Size

   Byte           System.Byte                            0-255

   Short          System.Int16                          -32768-32767

   Int            System.Int32                           -2^31-2^31-1

   Long           System.Int64                           -2^63-2^63-1

   Sbyte          System.SByte                            -128-127

   Ushort         System.UInt16                            0-65535

   Uint           System.UInt32                            0-2^32-1

   ULong          System.UInt64                            0-2^64-1

b) Decimal or Float Types

   float          System.Single                            4 Bytes

   double         System.Double                            8 Bytes

   decimal        System.Decimal                           16 Bytes

c) Boolean Types

    bool          System.Boolean                          True or False

d) Character Types

    char           System.Char                                2 bytes
    string         System.String                             
    The size of the char data type has been increased to two bytes for providing support to unicode values i.e other language characters

Note: As we are awar that a computer standards english language character are identified in a format called Unicode.Where ASCII format consumes one byte space for string and unicode format consumes 2 bytes for space for store it

     char ch='A'  --> ASCII --> 1 byte

     char ch=''   --> Uniocde --> 2 bytes

 String is a variable length type.where the size of the string depends upon the value we assigned to the string

e) Base types

   Object            System.Object

   Object is a parent of all the datatypes we can store any type of value under object type and more ever it is also a variable length type.whose size depends on the value assigned to it.

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