How to get file creation and modification time in c# ?

To get file datetime info you can use either static methods of File class or instance methods of FileInfo class.

1) Using File class to get file times

// local times
DateTime creationTime = File.GetCreationTime(@"F:\abcfile.txt");
DateTime lastWriteTime = File.GetLastWriteTime(@"F:\abcfile.txt");
DateTime lastAccessTime = File.GetLastAccessTime(@"F:\abcfile.txt");

// UTC times
DateTime creationTimeUtc = File.GetCreationTimeUtc(@"F:\abcfile.txt");
DateTime lastWriteTimeUtc = File.GetLastWriteTimeUtc(@"F:\abcfile.txt");
DateTime lastAccessTimeUtc = File.GetLastAccessTimeUtc(@"F:\abcfile.txt");

//write file last modification time (local / UTC)
Console.WriteLine(lastWriteTime);     // 7/04/2018 9:12:03 PM

2) Using FileInfo class to get file times

FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo(@"F:\abcfile.txt");

// local times
DateTime creationTime = fileInfo.CreationTime;
DateTime lastWriteTime = fileInfo.LastWriteTime;
DateTime lastAccessTime = fileInfo.LastAccessTime;

// UTC times
DateTime creationTimeUtc = fileInfo.CreationTimeUtc;
DateTime lastWriteTimeUtc = fileInfo.LastWriteTimeUtc;
DateTime lastAccessTimeUtc = fileInfo.LastAccessTimeUtc;

// write file last modification time (local / UTC)
Console.WriteLine(lastWriteTime);     // 07/04/2018 9:12:03 PM
Console.WriteLine(lastWriteTimeUtc);  // 07/04/2018  9:12:03 PM
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