C sharp Features (c#)

Features of c# 2.0

 Partial classes

 Generics or parameterized types

 Static classes

 Anonymous delegates

 The accessibility of property accessors can be set independently

 Nullable value types

 Features of c# 3.0

 Language integrated query

 Object initializers and collection initializers

 Anonymous types

 Implicitly types local arrays and variables

 Lambda expressions

 Automatic properties

 Extension methods

 Parital methods

Features of c# 4.0

 Dynamic programming and lookups

 Named and optional parameters

 co-variance and contra-variance

 indexed properties

 COM specific interop features

Features of c# 5.0

 Support for parameterized constructors in generics

 Support for weak delegates or weak events

 better treatment for null

 Smart 'Case' support

Features of c# 6.0

 Read-only Auto-properties

 Auto-Property Initializer

 Expression-bodied function members

 using static

 Null - conditional operators

 String Interpolation

 Exception filters

 nameof Expressions

 await in catch and finally blocks

 index initializers

 Extension methods for collection initializers

 Improved overload resolution

Features of c# 7.0

 Out variables



 Pattern matching

 Ref locals and returns

 Local functions

 More expression-bodied members

 throw Expressions

 Generalized async return types

 Numeric literal syntax improvements

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