C sharp programming language introduction

C sharp programming language :

 C sharp is an object oriented and platform independent programming language developed by Microsoft as part of the .Net and approved as a standard by ECMA and ISO.

History of the language :

 During development of .Net ,the libraries where originally written in a language called simple managed c (SMC) and later the language had been renamed c#.

Design goals of c# :

 The ECMA standards list the design goals for c#

  It is intended to be a simple, modern ,general purpose and object-oriented programming language

  The language includes strong type checking , array bounds checking , code portability and automatic memory management.

  Programmer portability is very important in software industry so especially for those programmers  already familier with c and c++, c# will be the best choice.

  Support for Internationalization.

  c# is suitable for writing applications to distributed, hosted and embedded applications

Versions of c sharp language :

 1.0 , 1.5 , 2.0 ,3.0 ,4.0 ,5.0 ,6.0 ,7.0

  Latest version is 7.0

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