What are Sql Sub Languages ?

SQL is sub devided into five sub languages as following.

1) DDL (Data Definition Language)
         DDL delas with the structure of the data but not with data directly.It contains commands are  CREATE,ALTER,DROP,TRUNCATE

2) DML (Data Manipulation Language)
        DML delas with data directly.It contains the commands are INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE

3) DQL (Data Query Language)
        DQL delas with data but for retriving data from database,It contains commands are SELECT

4) DCL (Data Control Language)
        DCL also delas with data only but security of the data.It contains commands are GRANT,REVOKE,DENY

5) TCL (Transaction Control Language)
       TCL delas with Transaction Management.It conatins commands are COMMIT,ROLLBACK,SAVE

Note: SQL(SEQUEL) is very user friendly and not case sensitive.
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