SSRS Architecture

SSRS Architecture

SSRS provides

·         Report wizard
·         Report Designer
·         Report Builder 

·         Report server
·         Report manager

SSRS allows us to execute reports in 3 modes:

1. on Demand.
2. from Cache
3. From Snapshots

Enterprise Report Life Cycle

                Authoring      à Developing the Reports
                Managing à Deployment & Security
                Delivering àSubscriptions, Rendering
Authoring Reports:
                To author reports we have two steps.
                Step1: Define the Datasource
                Step2: prepare the report.
                                DataSet Creation
                                Design Layout.
                Report is nothing but a text based file to present the business data.
                                Report file extension à .rdl( Report definition language)
                It’s a XML based file.
We have three types of reports.
·         Enterprise reports
·         Ad-hoc reports.
·         Embedded reports.
Enterprise reports:

                Complete business standards and rules followed.
                Formatting and other requirements collected.
                Report developers will prepare these reports with complexity.
                Shared among the business users in the enterprise.
                Standard data analysis and decision making purpose.
Ad-hoc reports:

                No business standard and no rules followed.
                No formatted and other requirements.
                Non-technical business managers will prepare these reports.
                Not shared among business users in the enterprise.
                Ad-hoc data analysis purpose.

Embedded Reports:

Embedding the report to any third party application such as Java,.Net etc..

Click the below video learn more about  SSRS Architecture IN SSRS

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